Anti-Abortion Laws Megathread

Dear all,
Over the last few weeks we have seen an overwhelming number of new posts and comments around the recently passed anti-abortion laws in Alabama et al., and the growing concern of many that other conservative states in the US might follow that example.
We as moderator team want to support you in whichever way we can; and have therefore collected an overview of current options.
As a general remark, please note that none of us is omniscient, and neither are we legal experts. So please take all suggestions, advice and recommendations as a collected efforts of involved individuals.
If you find yourself pregnant and looking for advice on how to deal with it before getting an abortion, please refer to our wiki on how to deal with disclosing the fact. (Shoutout to sethra007 for the contribution on compiling the information therein).
Should you find yourself in a state where abortion has been made illegal, and you are looking to get an out-of-state abortion, it is of crucial importance not to disclose the pregnancy to anyone (let alone the father, if you are 110% sure you are on the same side - but even that is debatable). You don't want to find yourself on the receiving end of an infanticide lawsuit.
You can reach out to the Auntie Network (/auntienetwork), a group of helpers taking you to and from abortion clinics while making sure you have a 'good time' and plenty of pictures to show for on instagram with your distant aunt that you've been visiting (hence the name).
When interacting with the network, either on reddit or via facebook, please be careful and don't disclose more information than needed. Use a throwaway account, burner phones etc. - You never know to what length anti-abortionists might go to infiltrate them and cause harm to you. Stay safe out there.
Please note that we as /childfree are not directly affiliated with the sub, but strongly support their mission and have as such made the decision to ignore our own rule of not endorsing other subs. They deserve all the support they can get, and then some! The sidebar on /auntienetwork also has a great many resources on how to obtain abortion inducing pills and related items, so I won't list them out here again.
If you want to support the good fight, Imchildfree has compiled a great list of methods you can do to help in this post here that I will just copy below to have one full and conclusive resource; but please also check out the comments for some related discussions.
1.) Contact your nearest abortion clinic and volunteer to be a patient escort.
2.) Volunteer with organizations on the ground, such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL.
3.) Donate to the National Network of Abortion funds. And locate the funds that are in the states being targeted.
4.) Protest! You want to protest? There are a shit ton of legislators out there who voted for this bullshit. They own businesses, they have offices. Take a couple friends and set up a meeting. Protest the churches the plant protesters on abortion clinic sidewalks. Protest the clinics that lie to patients to talk them out of abortions.
5.) Write in Letters to the Editor! I’ve seen so many garbage anti-choice LTE’s, it’s time we turned the tide. Write in to big newspapers, small newspapers, online publications- whatever there is. Get your message out.
6.) Speak about it! We have to get rid of abortion stigma and shame. When we are willing to be vocal and stand up for reproductive autonomy, we give others the courage to do so as well. Abortion is normal. Abortion is moral. Get rid of stigmatized language.
7.) Be inclusive; it is not just women who seek out abortions. Trans men, non-binary folks, gender fluid- there are a plethora of people out there who don’t identify as women that are just as impacted by this legislation. We are all in this fight together, and we can’t leave anyone behind.
8.) Talk to your legislators, as local as they get, and make sure they are pro-choice. Every office and every candidate matters, and if they are going to shy away from abortion when they’re little, they sure as shit won’t be on your side when they move on up.
9.) Run for office. Volunteer for publicly pro-choice candidates.
10.) Volunteer to sign up people to vote.
11.) Support the people on the ground already doing the work. There are so many folks out there that have been tirelessly doing this work and their knowledge and experience is invaluable.
12.) Be patient with the frustrations of those who have been in the movement for a long time. Many of them, for years, have been screaming that this was going to happen and they needed y’all to help. Now it’s happened and it can be very frustrating to see so many folks acting surprised and NOW wanting to get involved. Give some grace.
13.) Tell your own abortion story at The 1 in 3 campaign.
14.) Research and sign online petitions to stop these bans.
15.) Check out the clinic support network.
16.) Research which politicians are passing these laws and call them out.
17.) Stock up on emergency contraception. You can get it for 11 dollars on Amazon.
18.) Thank the production companies that have boycotted Georgia. And find out what ones haven't and tell them to.
19.) If you can, have a polite dialogue with your anti choice acquaintances about how these laws are going to destroy people's lives. If you need convincing arguments for the prochoice side, here are a few: ARCC-CDAC, NBC News, The Atlantic, Project Syndicate
20.) Quit treating abortion as a tragic event. It is a common, necessary medical procedure that women need. Not everyone is traumatized by it.
21.) Keep organizations like Aid Access, that ship abortion pills to women in America, in your mind.
22.) Buy this book.
23.) Register to vote.
24.) Donate to the organization carafem that is working to build other clinics in other states across the country.
25.) Tell the people in your life to get involved.
26.) GET STERILIZED! Search the information on this site about doctors. I don't care if you are gay. I don't care if you are a man. I don't care if you are celibate. Rape happens. Women trick men into thinking they are on birth control. Accidents happen. GET STERILIZED!
27.) Tell those in your life that want to have kids to get on a form of birth control like an IUD or arm implant. These last a long time, are very effective, cannot be forgotten like the pill, and can always be taken out. And tell them to double up on birth control. Use barrier methods of birth control like condoms and diaphragms along with hormonal.
28.) Fight gerrymandering. Many of these officials are being elected this way.
29.) If you have a blog or youtube channel, make blogposts and videos about these attacks to alert people.
30.) Print and save this guide for using abortion pills. And make copies and share them.
31.) Practice self-care to avoid burnout.
32.) Realize that this fight is long term. We are not going to turn this around overnight. Start thinking of this as a years long battle.
33.) And last but not least, DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!
And as a final note:
We didn't start this thread to silence you, only to consolidate. If you still want to start your own post on a related matter, please do! /childfree is your place to rant, vent, discuss and seek for advice.
Any and all constructive posts are and will always be welcome.
Your moderator team
Edit: Cleaned up the links to increase readability.
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